So it’s 100% official

Looks like we may be getting other romance news soon as well

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Animal Crossing Fans: How are you guys not all over this?

I had one of the other games in this series for DS and it was brilliant. It’s a lot like Animal Crossing except you live in a Dorm and go to a school for magicians and you can actually learn spells and things.

Everyone once in a while, there’s something called ‘Mystery Time’ where the whole town goes dark and mysterious for a day and you can unravel a ‘Mystery’.

This is the newest game in the series and i’m definitely going to get it if it comes out in my country! Seriously, Designing clothes, Fashion shows, Shopping mall, Cooking, Going to school.. Ahhh.

The villagers aren’t all animals in the series though, You have some pretty abnormal ones! Some are based on random things like as a technology (There’s a mobile phone and a TV!), Mushrooms, Cupcakes, Flowers, etc.

Another feature I like is that you can actually go on dates with the villagers, hehehe.. On the game I had, you could give your boyfriend/girlfriend a red rose at a certain time and you go to ‘Lover’s Point’ together. Also, you can date anyone regardless of gender. (I once had a cross-dressing boy in my town, he was very cute!)

Also you can change the ‘town tune’ like you can on AC (On Magician’s Quest / Enchanted Folk it’s a piano which you play rather than shifting notes) and you can design the school uniform.

I’m putting this in the ‘Animal Crossing’ tag to show you guys because this series isn’t very popular and it’s very unappreciated! I’m not saying it’s better/worse than Animal Crossing or anything, I’m saying that if you like games like AC then you should definitely check it out!

It’s called Magician’s Quest or Enchanted Folk depending on where you live. n_n

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you know when someone asks you who your least favorite character in a series is and you want to say “I don’t have one” but it’s like you can’t? ?

and then you choose the character that you like but you have other characters you like better and then it’s like I have FAILED YOU AND I SHALL NEVER BE FORGIVEN AGAIN

  • me when it starts getting cloudy: yeees
  • me when it starts raining: yeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS
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•tragic back stories
•hot pants is a strong female character and is gr8
•makes no sense at all
•fuckin yeah horses



i went into the hot pants tag the other day and i saw a lot of asses and a pair of titties but not nearly enough of hot pants the character

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